Mike W Walton

The extra "W" is for my middle name, and because mikewalton.com was taken :(

I'm a adventure lifestyle photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Let's work together! mike(at)mikewwalton.com

Talking points:

  • He LOVES photography (duh)
  • He loves teaching and sharing his knowledge. Sometimes he doesn't shut up about it
  • He's taught university courses on social media, marketing, and outdoor photography
  • He loves trail running, specifically running down mountains. He ran Rim2Rim (from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other), in 5 hrs 43 mins
  • He loves canyoneering
  • In his opinion, adults shouldn't use the word "comfy"
  • He loves spelunking, and once got "turned around" underground for more than 12 hrs
  • He holds a course record on Strava for running down a popular mountain in the Phoenix area
  • He just ran his first marathon
  • He'd rather have a cabin in the mountains than a house on a beach
  • He'd like a house on a beach as a second home
  • He thinks the ocean is a little terrifying, but wants to cage dive with sharks someday
  • He smiles the most when he is with his wife and daughter, or when he got "the shot"
  • He loves fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, TED talks, and candy. Delicious sugary candy
  • He makes popcorn in his Whirly Popper almost every night
  • He's currently training for running Rim2Rim2Rim (running from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other and back again)
  • He's proud to be an ambassador of Westcomb Outdoor Apparel